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Businesses will send SMS to your phone.

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€ 0.02 per test SMS

Receive up to €5 free a day from incoming SMS tests, without doing a thing.

“The easiest $5 I ever made.”

Jonathan Wilson, Bungalow

“I love the fact that it keeps my information private.”

Helen Thompson, Monograma

“Sure glad I found this app.”

Robert Smith, Uppercut

Your privacy is important to us

Only texts you get paid for are sent to our servers. We don't receive any of your personal SMS conversations.

Common Questions.

Which payment methods do you accept?

Currently we accept only Paypal and BTC. If you can't receive payments in your country in those payment methods please contact support and let us know.

I installed the device but didn't receive any test SMS's what should I do?

Leave the application running, it will eventually start receiving SMS's to it.

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